How can I add new users to my MyHost account?

You can add multiple users to your account and set permissions for each of them.

  1. Open your Account menu (under your name to the right of the main menu) and select User Management.
  2. In the User Management screen, under "Invite New User", enter the new user's email address.
  3. Select either All Permissions, which gives full access to your MyHost account, or Choose Permissions.
  4. If you are choosing permissions, select all the options that you want to apply to the new user.
  5. Click Send Invite

The new user will receive an email inviting them to finish creating their MyHost account.

Screen-by-screen walkthrough

Open your account menu and select User Management.

Open your account menu and select User Management


Under "Invite New User", Use the email text box, permission options, and Send Invite button.


Select Choose Permissions for a checkbox list of actions the new user can take within your account.

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