Vocus migration: How can I switch onto a standard MyHost Web Hosting package?

If you’ve spotted something in a MyHost Web Hosting package that you’d like to get your hands on today (maybe free SSL, or unlimited storage), or you want to start to paying the prices on our website, you’ll need to open a new Web Hosting package and migrate your website(s) between servers.

The reason for this comes down to the physical machine that your site(s) are on today. The Web Hosting specifications and prices that you see on our website apply to hosting on our modern infrastructure.

To make the transition to MyHost as smooth as possible, we have not moved your website(s) between servers. The servers that were once operated by your old provider are still storing and serving your sites. Because that underlying set-up hasn't changed, neither have the price or specifications of your web hosting package.

What has changed so far is that we have taken over maintenance of your hosting, as well as customer support and billing.

In the coming months we will look closely at the infrastructure (hardware and software) running your site(s), and the different plans and pricing that we have inherited. With thousands of customers coming in from different businesses running multiple platforms, this is complex and it will take time.

We take a cautious approach to any website migration, as the smallest oversight could take your website offline and cause a lot of disruption. Our goal is to continue to improve the service we’re offering you and we believe that in the end this will be worth the wait.

If you believe your best option is to make a proactive move onto one of our three standard Web Hosting packages, you can start by logging in, opening the Services menu and selecting Order New Services. Once your new Web Hosting plan is open, you can migrate your site(s) onto new hosting that offers all benefits of our standard plans. (We can also help with migration, but this is a paid service starting from $200 + GST).

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