What do new customers from iSERVE, Maxnet, Kiwi Web Hosting, or Vocus NZ need to do to get started on MyHost?

Over the summer of 2022-3, we're welcoming a lot of new customers to MyHost. Vocus NZ is retiring its web hosting and domains businesses (which run under a number of brands) and we have been chosen to provide a local, friendly, and reliable new home for all their customers.

This is a big move, and if you are one of the customers involved we know that you're going through a change that you didn't ask for. We will do everything we can to keep your domains and hosting working without you needing to do anything. We will update our progress on our blog as we go.

Once we have set up your new MyHost account there are only three things that you need to take care of.

Create a password

Here's how to set a new password for your account. To keep things secure your old provider didn't give us your password, so you'll need to create one before you can log in.

Log in and check your details

Once you have set a password you'll be able to log into your new MyHost account. When you log in, you'll use your email address rather than a user name. This will probably be different to the way you logged in with your old provider.

Please check the details that we have added to your account, like your name, address, email, and phone number which are all on your Account Details screen. This data has come to us from a number of legacy systems, and we have done our best to import it properly. You will be able to change and save anything that's out of date or in the wrong place, or you can get our help by emailing migration@myhost.nz.

Set up a payment method

Your credit card (or other payment information) needs to be handled securely, so no card or account numbers have been shared between your old provider and us. To make sure that domain auto-renewals happen smoothly, and that any other invoices are handled on time, add a credit card or direct debit to your MyHost account now.

Thank you for doing these three things. If you find any issues that you need us to fix, or you have any questions about your move to MyHost, please email migration@myhost.nz. This is a dedicated email address for Vocus NZ customers and it is the best way to get a speedy reply.

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